FSP Redirect - Social Networks

The following URLs are social network addresses I am associated with. There are only a couple I use at least once a month, and not likely to have a connection with others. If you should have any questions, feel free to contact me.


If you are connected with me, and you have no real interest in bothering with me, then I will likely remove you. In many cases, you can still follow me, but I might still terminate the connection associated with that social network. This is to keep the number of people I follow to a low number.


I only use Facebook because some developers are too lazy to integrate their own user databae system, or wish to work with Facebook for menetary compensation. With this in mind if I wish to use the product or service, I have to have Facebook. I will check on notifications once a week. If you feel a need to reach out to me, do not use Facebook. Instead, use my Contact Directory to use the most appropriate option through there.

Google Plus

Anyone I am connected with on Google Plus never uses Google Plus. I therefore no longer post there. I will receive notifications if something on Google Plus happens, but don't make a habit of going there. If you want to reach out to me, consider my Contact Directory.


I use Twitter to provide information as I see appropriate. If you wish to follow me, I will not stop you. However, if you expect a fp;;pw bacl. that may not happen. If you wish to reach out to me directory, consider my Contact Directory.


Links I will insert into Social Networks starting on 2017-01-01 will be using the sn.fsp.cc URL. This is intended to allow provision of links to social networks without flooding my main redirect system. This links will likely not be removed, but added onto. If you have questions on the use of these links, contact me.

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